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Good morning everyone! 7/1/24

If you have not followed that page yet, go ahead and do that! WE’RE BACK!



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Email us: kcpoodlescp@gmail.com

Call us: 610-762-8575

We do not cross-breed for mixes. We only supply pure bred AKC genetic tested toy poodle and small miniature.

We specialize in these colors and coat patterns:

red, black, parti, agouti, apricot, phantom, blue, browns and white.

Our primary focus:

Health, temperament, build, pedigree, color

We ship nationwide

We serve the tri-state area

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Forms of contact:

Email, Facebook messaging, phone and text

AKC Toy poodle & small miniature puppies for sale raised in the Lehigh Valley, PA

New York New Jersey Pennsylvania

Nationwide shipping

Stud Services

The BEST poodles in the tri-state!