Why is this an important disease you should be educated about? Here are the facts. This is a newly discovered mutation by optigen. Not all breeders are testing for this disorder. 25% of poodles are affected by pra-prcd a breed-specific affected blindness genetic mutation. Blindness can start as early as 3-4 years old at night time. Though the good news is that the dog can still lead a long Healthy Life. It is our goal as breeders to eventually eliminate this gene from our breeding program. Unfortunately for poodles; in all their perfection, they are potential carriers. Thankfully optigen offers testing, about $130 per puppy. Guess what? As of late 2018, Your breeder tests for it. Don’t worry, I got your back :) to learn more about Pra-prcd Check out the official optigen website. (Hint...click on the word optigen)
Progressive Retinal cone degeneration (Pra-prcd)