Our Guarantee and Policy

Current as of 10/23


Sales Contract

This puppy will be guaranteed for 2 years against any life-threatening genetic defect by the seller. The buyer has 14 days after receipt of the puppy to get a health certificate by their local veterinarian (business days and hours: Monday through Saturday). If the puppy is not checked and cleared within 14 days of receipt of the puppy then this contract is null and void.

The breeder will not be responsible for any normal incidences such as: hypoglycemia, internal or external parasites, coccidia, or giardia.


MALADIES; AS DOES HEAT, TEETHING, AND CERTAIN THINGS THAT A PUPPY MAY FIND TO EAT (I.E. TRASH, DIRTY RAIN WATER, GRASS, ETC.) ANY vet bills incurred will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Luxating patella is common in toy poodles, not traceably genetic and usually is corrected as the puppy ages into adulthood. Falls and injuries will exacerbate any existing luxating patella; proper veterinary care, exercise and supplements such as MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin is helpful. Legg calve perthes is not covered. Injury to the growth plate is related to LCP.

Do not run your poodle or do repetitive walking, jogging etc. before a year old or injury to growth plate can occur. Do not spay or neuter your dog ideally til 14 months old because the puppy needs the hormones for proper growth and development. Walks must be less than 15 minutes up to a year old.

Falls, slips, jumping off furniture, letting your puppy be unfastened in your vehicle can cause injury to the growth plate. Injuries to the growth plate are not always visible.

Please take note: Health guarantee does not mean your puppy will never have a health issue.

The breed does come with genetic flaws which is why we do all available genetic testing at the time of testing. This is why we obtain a well exam from our veterinary practice prior to going home.

Once you have brought your pup to a vet 16 days after receiving is confirmation that your pup is indeed healthy as far as we can see. The guarantee applies, provided that proper documentation can be made by the DVM that it in fact is genetic and not a product of environment or circumstance for up to two years.

Every puppy sold has had a thorough examination by our local veterinarian, and has been pronounced healthy. Any known abnormality found will be disclosed before the sale is completed. The buyer will have the option of a refund of the deposit, and allowed to discontinue the sale if the puppy is not found to be completely normal and healthy.

If the puppy is found to have a life-threatening genetic defect by the buyer’s veterinarian, then a second opinion will be required. If a second opinion confirms the defect, then the puppy will be required to be returned to the seller at the buyer’s expense upon which a puppy of equal value will be replaced at the seller’s expense including shipping charges. Once again, any and all of these entire vet charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

If for any reason the puppy dies, the buyer is responsible to have an autopsy performed by a licensed veterinarian to confirm the cause of death. If it is of no fault of the buyer, and is the result of a genetic defect, then the puppy will be replaced (of same value and sex) at the seller’s expense except for shipping charges. The guarantee is null without an autopsy.

If the death is caused from abuse or neglect, or any other reason that the seller was not in control of; or above named reasons of coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, etc. then the buyer forfeits all rights to a refund.

It takes proper nutrition, veterinary care, and owner maintenance to ensure the puppy has a healthy, long-fulfilling lifespan. Reasonable efforts have been taken by KCPOODLES to make sure such disorders are avoided with thorough genetic testing. Our guarantees are designed to account for most serious and common defects and illnesses.

All of our dogs are sold as pet quality. Exact size, color and weight of this puppy is not guaranteed. I would be happy to show you the size of the parents but this in no way guarantees the exact size of the puppy as an adult. Puppies all vary in growth and development. Charting is not an accurate way to predict size and can give a false representation of expectations.

We do not guarantee that testicles will be dropped, fertile females, etc. No replacements will be made for dogs that are unable to breed. No refunds are given for umbilical hernias which can be repaired during spay and neutering. Breeder guarantees that she has provided the age appropriate vaccinations and deworming of said puppy; prior to being placed in a new home.

The next scheduled vaccinations are solely the responsibility of the new owner, and must be given at the appropriate age/time. Buyer has the responsibility to make sure the puppy receives one vaccine per time to prevent potential side effects and complications.

Your puppy must not be neutered or spayed before 12 months of age This is to the benefit of the growing puppy. If the puppy was sterilized before 12 months of age this contract is null and void.

Each new owner should check with his/her vet to receive the recommended worming schedule for the age and size of their puppy. Proper vet care and vaccinations are essential in the health of all puppies and adult dogs.

A deposit was paid in the amount of $500.

(The deposit is 100% non-refundable, see section on deposit)

Payment in full is required by postal money order or cash on the pick-up day or 3 days prior to the shipping day.

Shipping is to be paid in full by purchaser, and covers airline ticket, vet health certificate and all shipping supplies that are required by the airline. Shipping prices may vary, depending on the size and age of the dog and the location of the purchaser.

No other guarantees, either expressed or implied, exist between seller and purchaser. The seller reserves the exclusive right to cancel this agreement/contract before the puppy is shipped or picked up, and return all monies, if for any reason the seller thinks that the sale of said puppy is not in the best interest of the puppy or breeder. This agreement/contract is to safeguard the purchaser, the puppy, as well as the breeder and the seller’s reputation. All legal fees are the responsibility of the purchaser and not of the seller.


The puppy will be ready to go home on the specified date. I can allow a 2-3 day period of grace, but if the puppy is not able to go home due to owner vacation I charge a daily $30.00 boarding fee per puppy per day afterwards.


Deposits are non-refundable. It is your duty to first make sure your home can handle caring for a pet that can live up to 20 years. There are things to consider when raising a puppy: barking, house training, socialization, quality veterinary care, grooming, exercise and diet.

If the pup needs to be returned due to serious family emergency, the deposit is still nonrefundable. In any circumstance that the buyer is unable to care for this puppy he/she is to be returned to the breeder and not sold or given away. By signing this legally-binding contract the buyer agrees to not surrender this puppy to a shelter but to contact the breeder first.

Please remember for this puppy to move from home to home can cause great stress on the puppy. The purchase of this puppy is not on a trial basis. This puppy has been thoroughly socialized with men, women, children and other dogs. The buyer must hire a dog trainer and/or work with the puppy or house pets to establish proper family roles if problems do occur that is a part of owning a pet that is part of the family. Problems are easily remedied by using a behaviorist for example. Return of a puppy per chance who has been exposed to illness not visible in dogs/cats not in my home can cause serious illness and death of my newborn puppies and expectant poodle mothers. I would be happy to provide you with advice in addition to the professional recommendation of your vet.


By affixing his/her signature below, the purchaser understands and agrees with all terms of this agreement/contract. This is a receipt as well as a contract.



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