By Margaret L. Casal Dr. Med Vet PhD Section of medical genetics School of Veterinary Medicine University of Pennsylvania
Coccidia and Giardia in breeding kennels
Pups are being diagnosed with giardia multiple times and sometimes compromised with antibiotics continually without even presenting with symptoms. Before you allow your puppy to be treated with flagyl, an extremely harsh antibiotic with multiple side effects, please consider this article-print and bring it to your vet. Many do not work in kennels and therefore do not see the full picture. This article snapshot was given to me by the head veterinarian of dog law in Harrisburg, PA dept of Agriculture. There you have it—the credentials you need to see in order to listen and trust your breeder - sometimes they truly do know what is best-because those are babies they raised and care about. They are your family member. You have to be their first doctor. Personal education is key. Your pup may test positive multiple times. Look at the pup’s symptoms. Is he lethargic? Not eating? Have runny poo with blood? (Soft poo is fine). The giardia test is an immunoassay test. If the pup has been exposed in the past he will continue to test positive after infection resolution.
Help! My puppy was diagnosed with Giardia!