What’s so great about a champion?

~The story of genetics~

If it wasn’t for several breeders (Keli Shover my bff), I probably would be still struggling and nowhere near where we are. Maybe not even breeding, period. The thing that drew me to Keli was her honesty and drive to “build” a better poodle! I’m so glad I was annoying and wouldn’t let her get rid of me after I purchased my first AKC poodle whom I named Jolie (Jojo). We call her the dog that started it all. Many kind breeders have helped and advised me over the years. How else can we learn this trade unless we are willing to help each other! A wise breeder once told me; I can teach you what I know; but ultimately you have to do your research as well.

I think about where we will be in time and it helps me to drift off into a restful sleep at night. I believe that whoever we come accross in life we can both be blessed and be a blessing to. My family makes this possible as well. A dream can come true when the ones you love say, “you can do this!”

What is the big deal about a Champion dog?

Champion dogs don’t happen by accident. Breeders must be incredibly careful and selective in which dogs they breed if there are plans to create champion bloodline dogs. It took me some time initially to understand the importance of this. My first exposure to this lifelong journey was under the wings of Jesse and Randy of Tiny companions. I randomly messaged them on Facebook one day with a question years ago and Jesse’s support connected us for life.

The masses believe Champion means nothing. If you are asking the question of importance to someone who doesn’t even breed dogs, the answer will greatly vary in the opinionated cyber world.

We want a “pet” and not for show. I hear this statement often. Let me explain to you the importance of a Champion line, aside from breeding. I want to add that wanting pet quality doesn’t lower the cost of raising these much desired canine for our clients. We do support rescuing; this may be the best choice for you. Rescuers will scrutinize the type of adopter they will release their babies to. We aren’t getting into breeder vs. rescue today.

Champion isn’t just a term used to sell/increase the cost of their puppies. If I have my heart and soul in this career I have to put everything into breeding my dogs with what it requires and can’t do that for peanuts. I can’t say I yet have arrived but there’s no turning back and I like that!

If the prospective owner is curious about a champion line status the breeder should be able to provide proof in a pedigree. It’s not just words. Champion bloodline is a family tree of carefully selected genetics. If a breeder claims a champion bloodline dog but is reluctant to share any information with you, walk away.

When I got my first champion bloodline sire; this caring breeder instructed me to breed to my “best” females. Aside from build, bite, healthy joints, hips and stance; health is a huge factor as well. Those lines sell themselves.

This will create the highest quality puppies available for potential owners and breeders. Not only is it important to own a poodle that looks like a poodle but having a pup who’s parents are clear of genetic diseases and heritable traits that are detrimental to the health of the dog. That comes with a lifetime of perfecting the breed. That commands reputability and cost above the average dog.

Being able to trace properly bred dogs in the pedigree is incredibly important. This is one piece of the poodle blueprint.

It doesn’t mean every pup is 100% clear of lifelong issues, simply because of the fall of man: they are also going to die one day. (Romans 8:22) We want that life while here on earth to be as enriching as possible.

The breeder will lose (retire) their breeding dogs in order to make progressive goals in health and build. This can take many many years, if they persevere.

Now onto family dynamics. Poodles or any dog for that matter is heavily affected by their lineage. A puppy will have many traits in common with its recent ancestors. A dog’s parents, grandparents and overall descendants will be directly responsible for a dog’s genetics. Many pups will take after a grandparent instead of their parents. This can make weight estimates of puppies a little challenging for me until I have a few more decades under my belt. If you are a mother and have had a baby, you likely do not know how much that child will approximately weigh as an adult until you see years of growth that follows a family pattern.

We could get a killing by high volume breeding purebred dogs which look pretty. If those pups turn out to be genetically faulty, we will quickly lose any credibility. Health problems in our lines equally bring devastation to us. A line that has revealed genetic defects should be retired. We are always looking forward.

Each breed is susceptible to genetic diseases. Poodle heritage can even influence what that dog’s temperament will be like when they are fully grown. Wouldn’t you like to know the genetically healthy, built and wonderful temperament are bred into your puppy? Nothing is worse than a dog that makes your neighbor submit complaints to the local township. Raised with love, healthy food, proper socialization, stimuli and a little stress should help you get a well rounded dog. If your pup’s ancestors won shows, it is likely that the pup will be just what the judges are looking for with your pup too! Behavior and mental health is equally important for our puppies longevity.

I and other quality breeders are constantly aware of the dangers of breeding genetically faulty pups. It’s the best interest of the future to ensure that every mate for your Champion is healthy and will come with a great temperament. A breeder should study their bloodline thoroughly to notice patterns in behavior. We do our best to strive for that. Knowing that your puppy will be happy and socialized brings so much joy for us!

Before you choose any dog, scrutinise your own life. Why are the reasons you want a puppy that will be with you for the next 15-20 years? How much time can you spend with this puppy? Are you looking for an accessory or a forever companion? Are you prepared to make changes to your lifestyle and to do what is best for the well being of that puppy?

As I had mentioned before; becoming a bloodline breeder comes with a huge responsibility. I will be the first to tell you that the dogs own my house, they just let us stay there. I revolve my life around the dogs (aside from the kids). We haven’t seen family for about 3 years, we don’t go on vacations and work hard with daily cleaning, feeding, laundry and chip away at expenses it takes. Every step upwards gets closer to getting the dream. It doesn’t mean YOU can’t do it! The rewards outweigh the negatives for a true animal lover. Even the negatives help me to grow into the right direction. My parents told me several times while growing up, “just marry a farmer”. I got something much better! He supports my dreams which became OUR dreams. Teamwork!

~ The Petroske family

Why a Champion?