Why are your prices,“so high”?

That is a question we are often asked. We felt it is a honest request to answer. You may like to read our article; “why a champion”. I would love to tell you why what we do here is so different once more.

A class 4 kennel is what we are currently licensed for. Even though we may keep 100 dogs on our premises, we can only let 60 leave our property. That includes any dogs we retire/rehome. Not only do retired dogs count against our 60, but that includes puppies who have passed away. That leaves a conservative 50 puppies we can sell yearly. We don’t want to be rich but be able to support our family and give our dogs a great life! We wish we could place more puppies into loving homes, but this is the reality. We can not meet the demands. We understand as well that we are not in everybody's means for a puppy. When we started we didn't have much.

“Why are you so limited”?

We looked into commercial breeding after building a second house just for the dogs to give them more than we had. It was a huge investment that we are proud of. It helps us be more efficient at what we do. We are thankful we were able to afford a better life for our dogs! It really is a doggie utopia here.

To cut to the chase, if we wanted to go commercial licensed; we would be able to sell much more puppies that we could easily accomplish with the breeders we have. However, the more we heard of the requirements to become commercial ; the less appealing commercial licensing was to us. The dogs would all need to be kenneled all the time with only 6 dogs can be free roaming at any given time. Thats the one thing I didn’t want for our dogs. We are home 24/7 (which comes with it’s own sacrifices); we are able to monitor our dogs at all times while keeping them safe to enjoy a home atmosphere. Our adult dogs are only kenneled when they go to bed or the rare occasions when we need to all leave as a family. This way our pets get all the social interaction that we can provide.

I can understand the rules for commercial. In order for that growth to happen, more order has to be made. It would be difficult for most individuals to have the amount of energy required to care for such a great amount of dogs. Currently, what we have to care for is more than enough. We don’t want them to be lacking our attention. We have nothing against commercial kennels. Its just not where we want to go. We aren’t ready for employees. We don’t want that stress and pressure. The laws are very strict here in PA. For good reasons of course.

Raising our puppies is our only income. After expenses, vetting, food, electricity, physical labor and our time; we have to sustain what we have going. We then have our personal living expenses for a family of 5, food, mortgage, electricity, health insurance, income tax, property tax, school tuition, etc.

As we improve our lines, pricing will reflect that. We have re-invested our earnings into improving our breeding dogs. Many other high volume kennels can likely sell you a more affordable puppy. We would rather focus on quality than quantity. Some businesses grow too big too fast. It becomes too much and loses it’s spunk. We don’t want to ever get there. We enjoy being involved in our puppies lives after they go to their loving homes.

These last 8 years have been a sacrifice; we are finally tasting the joy of it! God has been so good to us. Thank you so much for your support!

Your friends at KC