AKC Registered Genetic tested

(All of our girls may not be yet added ~ also in the process of adding their testing panels)

All our testing is OFA approved forms of testing. Our vet manually checks every single puppy thoroughly. Our vets are AHAA accredited - twice the amount of required continuing education. See the AAHA website.

We are constantly working to improve our bloodlines!

Optimal Selection is now Wisdom health. They are no longer in a partnership with genoscoper. All of our panels are optimal selection. Wisdom owns the company. It is not the same as the breed detection test wisdom has on Amazon.

Optimal Selection is OFA submittable. The test checks over 200 genetic canine diseases. It is not just based on colors or traits but that it comes with both. The format is a little different than the older style.

Click the form for an example of our puppy litter exams from our vet.

Beautiful red toy femaleCleared by parentage

Bumble Bea's genetic color panel



Phantom - 1 copy

2 copies of parti

Brown variant 1

Zoey is cleared by parentage and additional testing. She is sweet, calm and gentle.

KC’s Queenie ~ red small mini

KB/ky at/at ee

Queenie is a dominant black dark red large toy poodle. She doesn’t carry the dilute white/cream that fades red. She has a very mellow personality, even tempered and quiet. She is social and plays well with her dog family!

Princess ~ red toy

Ky/Ky ee aw/at

Princess is a red toy poodle. She is about 8 pounds. She carries brown and phantom. She also carries agouti. Shes’s a very good mom, even temperament. Loves to do rope play.

Blossom ~ tiny toy

KB/Ky ee at/at b1 b2 S/sp

Blossom is an adorable apricot tiny toy who is all about the snuggling. She is about 5 pounds. She carries red, brown, and parti. She is a phenomenal mommy.

Alexa’s Boogie ~ black large toy

Ee KB/Ky aw/at Bb/SS

This is Alexa’s boogie! She is daughter of Rhett and Jasmine. She carries phantom and produces gorgeous agouti babies. She is easy going like her mom.

Stormy ~ black toy

KB/KB EE at/at b1

Stormy is a black toy poodle. She comes from callimont poodles and her brother is Rufus. She is a gorgeous dog!

Truffles ~ brown toy

KB/ky Em/e at/at b1b1

Truffle is an adorable small brown toy poodle. She is very sweet! She carries red and phantom.

Naomi & Truffles are litter mates!

KC’s Naomi ~ brown toy

KB/ky E/e at/at b1b1

Naomi is Tuffles sister! She is a little bigger. She stares you down until you give in and hold her!

AKC Terri

Terri is Toby and Thomas littermate! She is a chunky happy go lucky snuggly girl. She is a small miniature with many AKC red champions.

Pedigree below

Callimont's Awesome Abbi

Abbi is a dark brown toy poodle girl. She is happy goofy girl. She is all about her human!