Sunday’s we are CLOSED Sunday’s are a day of rest. We do not schedule visits, take photos, videos, take calls, etc on a Sunday. I may communicate some via email. Communication will resume the following day. Some Saturdays may also have varying hours. There are two days a week that we schedule visits. This has worked best for us to cut down on stress on our family life. These two days may change week by week, just check for visiting availability. If you see a pup you really like, I advise you to reserve your pup and visit later. We cannot reserve pups just because you’d like to come visit a week or two in the future.
We are not set up as a puppy store. We are by appointment only. We do not allow visitors into our whelping area. We are in the works for a guest “meeting room” specifically for our patrons to meet mom and baby. This keeps germs of our pack separate or to a minimum from the puppies as well! Once a pup is 4+ weeks we can set up an appointment and or have a visit. We allow viewing of one pup per visit also to meet the parents if you’d like. Why? The health of our dogs come first. The fragility of the puppies, pregnant moms are top priority. We must minimize germs that come into our home and the handling of the puppies. We sadly have lost pups trying to accommodate wishes of patrons in the past. The pups and pack come first. If how we run things are a concern, feel free to contact the state of PA agriculture as we are regulated and exceed the minimum requirements. We are licensed and inspected. We recommend if possible choose your puppy before visit via the photos posted online. There is a 15 minute time limit to handle your pup. They should go back to their mother promptly. Hand sanitizer must be applied to hold a puppy. Children are only permitted to hold puppies if they are seated. We do not negotiate our prices. We are committed to go above and beyond and hope to only improve as the years go by. Once placing a deposit on one of our pups I try to update with photos/videos as much as possible. It may once every 2-3 weeks. Just depends how busy it is here. Thank you for your understanding:)
Rules of the whelping house